Well, not much happening these days….biking that is. Still seeing the ol’ stationary unit at the local gym tho. Just found out yesterday that I get an interview next month for the Airport job I applied for!! 🙂 Now I can get back to hurting myself !! hehehe. Work at Cypress is winding down….only daytime operation and we’re only open Wed – Sun now. This means I get even less hours. Maybe I’ll get the new job eh? Working hard (with Smoke) behind the scenes, setting up the World Premiere tour of Kranked 5. Plus, we get to organize the Whistler Premieres April 13 at the Chateau and the one in Van, Richards on Richards April 15 after that. Check it out at:

(www.radical-films.com) and see the tour dates for yourself! See ya there….can’t wait!

Hope to get out for a “quickie” ride today sometime – since the sun is here (finally!) but I may get stuck looking into the box instead…….

Have a great day everyone!

Note: Shoregirls…..I’ll be sending out emails about the weekend to all very soon! 🙂

Ok. So I thought it was bad enough that i only rode on Sundays. Now i’m seeing more of the stationary bike than a real one. The bike I use at the gym should have my name on it! For the past couple of weeks I have been avoiding things that I could get hurt doing (yes, even the gym). I have this habit of injuring myself especially when it is really important that I stay healthy and in one piece.

Earlier this year I applied for a job at the Vancouver airport for a new department: “Emergency Response Specialist”. A couple of weeks ago I found out that I was expected to do three days of testing. The first 2 days were physical tests and the last day is 4 hour written test. I suddenly had to re-train my muscles….from biking to running, one of the tests was to be able to run 1.4 miles in under 12 minutes (turned out to be no sweat!) Now it’s all said and done – I’m playing the hurry up and wait game to find put whether I get chosen (out of more than 200) for the interviews……

Finally, I can now resume a “normal” life, I’ll be back on my bike next weekend…oh – no, wait…I’ll be skiing “Pow” up at Apex!

Tell y’all about it later……