May 2014

The beautiful Mothers Day basket that Chevy made just for me!!
Mothers Day Basket

Chevy’s Kindergarten teacher asked her to prepare a special presentation about Dinosaurs…

Chevy rocked it!!

I helped prepare the posters but Chevy added her info herself and talked easily for about 1.2 hour about dino-facts and answering questions like a pro!!


Chevy's Dinosaur presentation in Kindergarten

Chevy snuggling with her little dog:

Chevy & Cooley snuggles

First ride in our new/old canoe!

First canoe ride

Road trip to Williams Lake on the long weekend!!

Time to visit the God family!


Girls Road Trip to Williams Lake

Chevy & Little B watching a movie together:

Girls Road Trip to Williams Lake Chevy And B watching Dumbo

Snuggles with Trevor the bear:

Girls Road Trip to Williams Lake Trevor Bear watching over CHevy

Chevy got me out of a nasty speeding ticket by pummeling the nice officer wiht tales of her weekend and then politely asking him

Girls Road Trip to Williams Lake

Great day for a bike ride along the beach:

first solo ride (training wheels)

A note that I found in Chevys school bag.

It’s from Chevy’s friend, Kendall.

Apparently Kendall’s Mom has the note that CHevy sent to Kendall too!