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February 9, 2003

Ahhhhh, the Church of Bike! I resigned myself to the fact that I will ride only on Sundays for a while at least until there is enough daylight for riding apres work. Went for a ride in my backyard with our friend, Darcy (whom I work for doing Constr/Reno’s part-time until the ski hill finally quits beatin the proverbial DEAD horse.

Shouldn’t complain….I’ve been skiing in the sunshine and bluebird skies ALL WEEK LONG…yes, all week, while the rest of the city folk rot away in the cold damp overcast weather below! hahahahahahahahahaha. I love my job! 🙂 We are expecting some precip soon (next weekend) hopefully, just maybe, it’ll be of the white variety……we’ll see. anyway!

Back to the ride…..rode down “CBC” and I was surprised by how dry the trail looked…but i ws fooled! The roots and any wood structure was still really slippery, hehehehe, challenging none the less as we ping-ponged our way through! 🙂 It feels so great to be out playing on my bike! We hit “Corkscrew” after and I wish that I didn’t listen to Darcy who was SURE that he was going the RIGHT way to get to “C*** Buster”. So we missed it. But that didn’t take away from our ride, ’cause we still had fun! Now, I’m just having a little re-charge session, getting caught up here, and in my emails before I head out to hte gym for an upper body workout…JOY!

See ya on the trails next SUNDAY…it’s like going to church or sumthin’…… have great day you punks! PROPS to ALL THE GUYS OUT ON “CBC” TODAY! You guys all RULE for doing the fantastic work on the trail (you know who you are)! I love ya! 🙂 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

February 2, 2003

So – OK. We really didn’t get any real snow at Cypress, we’re still open, and thankfully – I still have a job…..and still I am riding on the weekend…. But at least now I have started going to the weight room and begun training (for the fire-fit test – firefighter training) My one speed bike is almost complete – still scrounging for a few more parts and then i’ll be ready to hit the streets! Today we decided to do a bit more of a cross country type ride…we (Jenelle – our roommate – Ian Hylands (www.photo-x.com) and Tom Kabbash (www.ryderseyewear.com) started our ride from our house in Deep Cove and rode up, up, up the Baden Powell to the Powerlines, continuing UP all the way to the start of “Pingu” down and over to “C*** Buster” to the “Bridal Path” over to “Waynes World” down to the house…. What a RIDE! This! is what riding’s about! I love the hurt, it just feels that much better to go down, like you’ve earned it or something…and we really wanted to see some of the new stuff out on “C*** Buster” anyway! Great day! And like typical Covers, we wrapped it up with dinner and drinks at the Raven Pub (www.theravenpub.com). Until next time folks! Have a great week! 🙂 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————

January 26, 2003

I can’t believe that I am now a “weekend warrior”! What’s become of me???? What have I done??? Oh well, at least I’m making the most of the lack of a winter we’re having and the fact that at least I still have a job at the ski hill at this point (this can change quickly however….) Can’t wait until summer, and I hear that it will be a very hot and dry one…according to the farmer’s almanac….. Johnny, our friend Dave (from David’s Cafe on Esplanade) and Ralph from the Cove Bike Shop and I got together and had a quick ride down Mt Seymour this morning (before the Super Bowl of course!) Had a great ride today….I guess it made up for the hurting ride I had last week….I feel much better now. 🙂 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

January 19, 2003

Went to Squamish to ride today. We hooked up with Brandon (aka The Barkerville Bandit) and Tom Kabash (www.ryderseyewear.com) and Mannis (from Tantalus) and finally got to ride “Cake Walk” for the first time. What a scream this trail is! Near the end of the trail there is this ladder bridge that crosses over a ravine and the creek below is about 25 ft down there! Scary! I just pedalled faster and tried not to look down! Can’t wait to come back for this one….I wasn’t feeling too shit-hot today, my arms and legs felt so heavy and usless and I had a large headache so I drove the boys up for lap 2 and hung out with a buddy of ours who just moved in the neighborhood and I ran into Eric Fox from .243 (www.243racing.com). Nice place, warm fire, and good conversation, but I had to leave to fill up the truck (running on fumes….FUMES!) and meet my boys at the local pub….Shady Tree, conveniently located next to the Tantalus Bike Shop (www.tantalusbikeshop.com) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————

January 12, 2003

The hardtail ride of my life! I had soooooooo much fun….sorry, but I hafta rub it in a little! The skiing is not so great so I went for a ride with my roommate, Jenelle (check out the Shore Gurlz page) and a few friends: Darcy, Dave and Ralph (Ralph works at the Cove). We decided to do the usual: C.B.C, Corkscrew, Pingu, but then instead of going down Boogey-man (usual) we went down Pangor. We heard that there was some new construction on it and wanted to see where it was at. To the guys who are working so hard on this trail: YOU ROCK! I am so impressed! Keep up the great work!! I can’t wait to ride it again! Although we havent had any rain/precip in a few days the trails were still a little muddy in places. This was such a riot!! It was a challenge to stay on the bike, and there was a section on Pangor that was just like going down a slalom course…what a hoot! You could really throw your bke into the corners….. We wanted to do a 2nd lap but the light wasn’t co-operating with us, so the boys went up to retrieve the van and Jenelle and I (and Harley) rode home….great day! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

December 8, 2002

You guessed it! now we’re at the Peat Bog. Can’t leave Penticton without riding here. Our first lap down was down Bodo which is more of an epic ride (more climbing than usual….) but it’s so fun, it has a bit of everything. Swung over to knuckle duster road drop. I have been looking at this drop for 2 years (from a hardtail) and wanting to do it….so I did it! It’s pretty big, about 8 – 10 ft depending how fast you hit it, but it has a really nice transition and run out, so what can happen????? Lap 2; took the usual track from the top and hit the whole Knuckle Duster trail where I sized up another one of the stunts I’ve wnating to do for a long while. It’s a ladder bridge for about 15ft with a 12 ft step down gap 8ft below. It was sooooooooo smooth that I know I can do it on my hardtail now! I am sooo stoked now…I think I am over what ever was holding me back for the lsat little while. This was a “Breakthrough” weekend for me!!!! 🙂 Me so happy!!! Second last jump, end of the second lap, Eric does this hip-jump, over shoots its and eats shit. dust him off and check him out and I figured that he re-broke his collar bone…. such a bummer! I hate it when we break our friends, we are beginning to run out of friends to ride with. we hauled Eric over to the hospital (just down the road) after we got the truck down, and left Johnny to stay with him, while I took a ride with Tom since we both had to work in the morning. turns out that Eric DID break his collarbone, right next to his old break and was done riding for a few weeks. Unfortunately, since Eric hasn’t been able to find work, was running out of money, his bike was cracked and now so was he, he decided to fly home and spend Christmas with his family. I hope he heals well and fast, and gets himself organized so he can come back to a job here and stay for a while longer! Miss ya Eric. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————- December 7, 2002

Back at Naramata again! Smoke, Little Eric, Tom Kabash (www.ryderseyewear.com) & I left the city to go play and this time I have a PEELER!!!! Actually, we stole Chaz’s bike. Hope he doesn’t miss it! 🙂 The last timeI rode it I was sceptical as to how it would feel on slow-speed technical stuff…..now I take it back. I ruled on the stuff I usually skipped or have never done before! I love this bike!! www.covebike.com check it out. Chaz’s bike was built up a lot lighter and this made a big difference for me compared to the last Peeler I rode (different set up) I was “this close” >….< to actually doing the 25 ft wood gap….so close, so close. I really wanted to go for it, and I know I will the next time we come out. I did do a lot of stunts I avoided before and I’m so stoked! Little Eric got his forks fixed since the last time we were here, but is now sporting a crack in his frame (Balfa), sketchy – but he rode everything anyway…… I watched him do the wood gap a buncha times…if you go really fast and time the drop before just right, you can make the transition on the wood ramp! I’m gonna do it for sure…it looks fun! Near the end of the trail it gets faster, looser and turn-ier, Eric was riding behind me and all I could hear was Eric busting a gut laughing! trying to make the corners at speed was a gas!! Eric is really fun to ride with, he has a lot of great energy and its catchy. He knows how to have fun no matter where he is. 🙂 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

November 25, 2002 Day 2.

…Lucky for Eric we hooked him up with a Banshee Scream from our buddy Kurt at Freedom Bike Shop in Penticton. www.freedombikeshop.com Eric, who is already used to big heavy bikes loved it from the second he sat on it! And watching him ride it…..he ruled it! Today we went over to the Peat Bog for a coupla laps of fun. About half way down the trail, droppin off about a 2 ft ledge, the brand new (4 hrs old) Carbon fibre bars on the Heckler snapped off! OOps. I geuss it’s a good thing that it didn’t happen when I did the big drop yesterday! I feel lucky. Johnny swapped me bikes and rode the Heckler to the bottom by road with just a branch holding the bars together! I continued to ride with the boys. Eric loved the Scream so much he launched the 30 ft gulley gap near the end of the trail. So cool! One day I hope to be able to do that one. Its kinda blind and you need a lot of speed, but everyone I’ve seen do it makes it look sooooo easy! 2nd lap: I drove the guys to the top, and then hung out at Freedom to wait until they got there. Sad to miss out on it, but I’ll be back! 🙂 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

November 24, 2002

Ok, ok, ok. I know it’s been a reeeeeeally long time since I had been able to update this…..I’ll try not to let it happen again! 🙂 We (Smoke, Little Eric “the guy who saved my ass in Bromont at World Masters by lending his bikes….” and I) took yesterday, a beautiful, sunny day to drive to Summerland. I would have rathered to drive at night and just get there so we can have more time to ride, but since Little Eric hasn’t seen this part of the country before….well, it was worth it! Anyway, since the word is getting out and more and more people are riding the “new” trail, we showed it to Little Eric…I’ll give you a hint…..its in Naramata. We also hooked up with Brad from Oliver (one of the builders of the trail out there) Near the top of the trail little Eric broke the arch of his forks and was seriously bummed out when he saw the rest of the trail….I dunno, but I was more than a little “uneasy” when I saw Little Eric going for some of the drops anyway…..at least he stayed away from the biggest ones. I just don’t want to drag a carcass out from any trail…. I rode the 2003 Santa Cruz Heckler today, and although I wasn’t as comfortable as I would usually be on a bike I’m used to, I still managed to ride out on a skinny near the end of the trail which has a 7 ft drop to a nice tranny with it. Johnny and Eric couldn’t believe that I even tried it! The bike did it though!!!!!! I felt it flex a lot under me but I held on and rode it out….it really wasn’t too bad, especially when you think about it….the bike wasn’t really made for that kinda riding, but it’ll work in a pinch! Check out Smoke’s review of this bike in the newest LAUNCH MAG(www.launchmtb.com) in your favorite bike shop! Nice rig….I want to keep it…what do ya think (Sant Cruz) Jason? Or how ’bout a small Bullet??? hmmmmm? The rest of the ride on the Heckler got better and better! Still can’t believe that we are riding on dusty trails at the end of November!! What a day! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

November 18, 2002

Real bummer, been working almost everyday since we came back from Squamish….this work s**t keeps getting in the way, but I geuss these evil deeds must be done….my time will soon come (as soon as my street bike gets built up…..) besides isn’t the snow coming soon? Kant wait ’til I get get some turns in! 🙂 Last Saturday Smoke had the opportunity to try out yet another new trail out in Oliver (between Penticton and Osoyoos) from Mt Kobau (?). He would like to report that IT WAS A LOT OF FUN. He suks…I don’t think I like him right now….. Kant wait ’til I get to try it. He sed it was full of steeps and stunts! 🙂 ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

November 4, 2002

Today, we had a couple NEW bikes to try out. Smoke has the new 2003 SANTA CRUZ “Heckler”, 2003 ROCKY MTN “Switch” and the BANSHEE “Morphine” from LAUNCH Magazine (www.launchmtb.com) to test drive and to do a little write-up about them….so look out for the reviews on these rad products in future LAUNCH Magazines! We shot some gorgeous photos with Ian Hylands (www.photo-x.com) using the incredible Fall leaves in the backrounds of some oldschool trails in Squamish……. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

November 3, 2002

We continued our trip in Penticton where we heard rumour of another new trail, and of course, we can’t reveal exactly where the trail is as the builder has threatened our lives with the knowledge…. I still feel compelled to tell/tease you about it anyway. This (un-named) trail is about 11km long, the beginning is flatter, riddled with log rides (a variety: long, skinny, fat, low, high…get it?) most of the landing are flat and about 4-7 ft. I didn’t really try these ones ’cause they were covered in snow – but the boyz weren’t bothered (Peter

and Kurt (www.freedombikeshop.com). Lower down the trail things start to open up more….and more, and now we are getting into some supa-fun jumps – with transistions too! 🙂 The trail being much drier down here I went for the first big drop, the one after it is pretty big (gap), didn’t do it today, but I know I will do it next time we’re up! The bottom part of the trail is supa-fast, twisty turny, with a coupla steep sliders! UNREAL FUN! This mountain could be the “New Peat Bog” of Penticton…hmmmmm. There is soooooooooooooo much potential here! We even scoped out some sic, flowy gap jump section, plus some really BIG gaps to try (not for me hehehehe) ….What more can I say?………two days and two new trails……..go out and have your own fun! —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

November 2, 2002 OK.

We came back to Merritt! Seeing that the weather hascontinued to be incredible, we decided that we MUST return to Merritt and try a run of the “Hornet” on Iron Mtn. So once again we find ourselves at Bonzai Cycles (www.bonzaicycle.com) where we met our shuttle driver, Joe, and this time we have Ian Hylands(www.photo-x.com) with us for the ride and to have fun, he is also providing photos of the 2003 SANTA CRUZ “Heckler” for LAUNCH Magazine, —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

October 31, 2002

I was the “Naughty Nun” at the John Henry Bike Shop/Maple Wood Pub/ Teri Hallowe’en Party!!! Who were you?!? …. I’m sure there may be a few x-rated photos floating around somewhere….ooops! 🙂 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

October 27, 2002

Smoke and I just got back from the ‘Loops…we were riding with the movie stars from the IDUN video, Curt (aka Doyler) and Brandon (aka the Barkerville Bandit)! We woke up to a skiff of snow this morning, funny….and we thought winter wasn’t coming! As we hiked up to the top of Harper Mtn (over our shoulder you can see the top of “Todd Mtn” Sun Peaks) we found ourselves in a BLIZZARD!!! 🙂 This time last year, Johnny and I were at the top of Black Tusk enjoying some of the pre-season powder, skiing mid-thigh deep snow! This year we’re riding and the trail conditions were a surprise….even though we were riding in a snowstorm, the trail remained really dusty…interesting! This weekend I was able to borrow the new COVE Peeler DH bike! When you give this bike a chance to “stretch her legs” it is unbelievably nimble and very quick to manoever!!! I’m Stoked! What a fun bike. I did have to keep in mind that this bike IS every bit a DOWN HILL bike, and by that I mean that you have to work hard to make it go! Lap #2 brought us to the other side of Kamloops to Rose Hill. Right at the top of the trail, on the first 7 ft drop – Johnny landed and his BB went “snap”! Back up to the truck to drive it down for us……bummer, man. But that didn’t stop Doyle, the Bandit and I from having our fun! Rose Hill is such a gas! We even caught some local young punks attempting to jump the “Vanderham Gap” with a nice white van inside the gap lengthwise…..but we didn’t stay to watch, we had to ride! Met Johnny-boy at the bottom and filled up at the McCraken Pub: good food AND good beer…mmmmm, beer. (cute waitress too). ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

October26, 2002

Finally we get our sorry arses over to Merritt, BC to check out their terrain. First stop: Bonzai Cycle(www.bonzaicycle.com) – met the owners, Darryl and his wife Paulette (and their ripper kids), who were kind enough to provide all the details of the riding available in Merrit, our young guide, Colin, AND an shuttle driver, Joe (for 10 bucks he’ll take you to the top). Our guide took us down the “99” which also had a brand new, fresh trail: “Treats” which loops back to the “99”. One day, we’re told by Darryl, that it will end at the bottom of the mountain, paralleling the “99”. The trails we had the opportunity to ride are old school trails built back in the days of the lighter front susp hard tail bikes, twisty, turny and fun. The local bike club is looking forward to giving their trail a fresh, new look, hence the birth of “Treats”. We’ll be back….prob next weekend. We want to check out “Hornet”. Same Mtn, but more off to the side, its follows the ridge line down and is nothig but ST fun! When in Merrit, be sure to check out Bonzai Cycles, they are the hosts with the most! 🙂 Thanks! —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— [email protected] E-Business Apps